Up-scaling and mainstreaming sustainable building practices in western China
Up-scaling and mainstreaming sustainable building practices in western China 

Good Practice Examples - Sustainable Construction

Sustainable Materials and Technologies - 可持续材料和技术

Eco-Cement   /   生态水泥

Wood   /   木材

Training for Sustainable Construction - 可持续建设培训

 Supply Chain Sustainability School   /   供应链可持续发展学校

Dual vocational training in Germany   /   德国的双元制职业培训 

Optimisation of  the Sustainable Building Process - 可持续建筑过程优化

 Lean Construction   /   精益建造

New Karolinska Hospital   /   新卡罗琳医院(New Karolinska Hospital) 

Good Practice Examples - Energy Management

Good Practice Examples - Sustainable Buildings

Efficiency House Plus: A Plus-Energy Building in Berlin
低能耗建筑A Plus-Energy Building in Berlin.pd[...]
PDF-Dokument [3.1 MB]
Humboldthafen Eins: Germany´s Top Rated Green Mixed Use Building
低能耗建筑2 Humboldthafen Eins.pdf
PDF-Dokument [3.7 MB]
ALEA 101: A green mixed use building
ALEA 101.pdf
PDF-Dokument [382.4 KB]

Good Practice of Low Energy Buildings, Berlin

Passivhaus Schönholzer Strasse - multi-storey passivhaus
PDF-Dokument [371.4 KB]
E3 Berlin - wooden high-rise
E3 Berlin_Final.pdf
PDF-Dokument [852.1 KB]
Passivhaus Boyenstraße - zero-emission building
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