Up-scaling and mainstreaming sustainable building practices in western China
Up-scaling and mainstreaming sustainable building practices in western China 

Longhu, China

Oventrop (China) HVAC Technology Co.,Ltd.

Building name


Floor area (sq mts)

1.3 million m2



Number of floors


Building use

Hotel, retail, office, residential

Built year


Short description of technologies and BEMS

Cooling system


Direct return chilled water system, centrifugal, primary fixed frequency pump, secondary variable-frequency, BA and DDC control, energy saving terminal with Oventrop balance valve

Heating system

Centralized hot water, centralized boiler, reverse return hot water circulation system

Ventilation system

Combined air handling units




On/off controls have been provided in all retail and office areas. Automatic lighting schedules have been incorporated in landscape lighting and common areas in office building.

Solar shading

Louvre adjustment controls for glazing in shopping mall

Air conditioning, heating and ventilation

Occupancy schedules have been incorporated in the automation system with optimum start-up function.

Function selection between cooling and heating is determined by a set-point control.

Ventilation is controlled by monitoring indoor air quality using CO2 sensors.

Room temperature can be adjusted through automatic individual room controls using thermostatic values or electronic control devices.

Precision temperature control is enabled in server/equipment room.

HVAC equipment and ancillary controls

Central cooling equipment (multiple chillers) has sequence control and load optimization features.

Chiller and pumps, cooling tower for all central chillers are enabled with variable speed control mechanism.