Up-scaling and mainstreaming sustainable building practices in western China
Up-scaling and mainstreaming sustainable building practices in western China 

Recycling by Prefabrication Company from Japan: Sekisui Heim

An interesting concept is that of the prefabrication company from Japan: Sekisui Heim. Sekisui Heim sells and guarantees that they buy back the buildings at the end of their lifecycle. These buildings are fully recyclable and are seen as a “Bank” for materials. This was only achieved through a full control of the building process. Constructed in their prefabrication factories, waste is reduced, reused on-demand or connected to a recycling system. The buildings are all modular and can easily be set up and dismantled unit by unit by fasting or easing the joints of the steel frame units. The dismantled units are then either reused or dismantled in the company’s own dismantling factory. Upon dismantling and inspection components are sold for use in further constructions. The buyers are matched with sellers though a web based platform. Such innovative processes offer opportunities for a highly efficient component circulation, reverses logistics and remanufacturing system and a more sustainable construction.

Renovation of dissasembled house in Sekisui factory for further reassembly

Source: SekisuiHeimM1

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