Up-scaling and mainstreaming sustainable building practices in western China
Up-scaling and mainstreaming sustainable building practices in western China 

17 January 2018, 17:20

Out now: SusBuild Handbook of Building Energy Management in Large Shopping Malls and Medium-Sized Hotels

    Commercial buildings account for 11% and 4% of the total fnal energy demand in Europe and China, respectively. They are the major energy consumers with signifcant saving opportunities. An easy way to save energy is to set up an appropriate building energy management system. In Europe, it is estimated that energy management systems bring 37% for space heating, water heating and cooling/ventilation and 25% for lighting. However, there is generally a lack of awareness and understanding of the potential of energy management systems.

    Energy management is a key component for SusBuild. The project team developed a handbook of Building Energy Management in Large Shopping Malls and Medium-sized Hotels. This handbook provides comprehensive knowledge and recommendations about building energy management systems and programs of commercial buildings. This handbook focuses on two types of commercial buildings companies most relevant for SMEs: large shopping malls and medium-sized hotels. Firstly, the different actor-constellation with its specifc barriers and incentives are presented. Secondly, the handbook presents key steps of setting up a building energy management program. Thirdly, various technical aspects of a comprehensive building energy management system are presented in details and illustrated with good practice role in building examples. In addition, the handbook also includes a set of recommendation of energy management for small- and medium- scale buildings. While technologies play a key energy management, its adoption depends on the incentives of different stakeholders, which are addressed by various policies. Thus, the last part of the handbook presents the policy framework to address specifc barriers and to push the investors and users to invest in an energy management system and to save energy.

    To download the handbook, please visit our Library.