Up-scaling and mainstreaming sustainable building practices in western China
Up-scaling and mainstreaming sustainable building practices in western China 

Tentative Agenda for the International Forum for Financing Sustainable Buildings, 15th of November 

Registration Form for the International Forum for Financing Sustainable Buildings
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Opening remarks

Local government and others (tbd)

Sustainable buildings in China: latest developments and trends and the financing gap

MoHURD representative

Green financing for sustainable buildings in China: status-quo

A representative from China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission


Keynote presentation

Green financing in China and the implication for the building sector

Mr. Chenyi Shi, Deputy Director, International Institute of Green Finance, Central University of Finance and Economics


Mr. Huo Zhonghe, Director, CECEP Consulting (tbc)


Coffee break/Group photo


Session 1: The role of domestic financial institutions in financing sustainable buildings

This session will address how the financial sector has mainstreamed financing for sustainable buildings in China. Domestic financial institutions from China will share their experiences in financing sustainable buildings through various conventional and innovative financial products.

Chongqing Bank

Agriculture Bank

Commercial Bank


Innovative green mortgage

Mr. Sun Xiao, Chairman, Maanshan Rural Commercial Bank (MRCB)


Practice and perspective of green financing innovation to promote green buildings

Mr. Sirui Xiao, Research and Planning Director, Guangzhou carbon emissions trading center


Pudong Devleopment Bank(tbc)

Construction Bank (tbc)

Industry Bank(tbc)


Session 2: Dialogue between the building sector and the financing sector in China

This will be an interactive session between key actors in the building sector and domestic financial institutions, such as banks, ESCOs, developers, and policy-makers in both sectors. It will start with short impulse presentations by the participants from the building sector (their experience in accessing green financing, challenges, needs) and will continue with dialogues about the potential solutions among the participants.

Organisations will be invited by the China Association of Building Energy Efficiency


Lunch break


Keynote presentation

G20 Energy Efficiency Investment Toolkit –Voluntary Collaboration to scale up energy efficiency investments

Mr. Benoît Lebot, Head of IPEEC Secretariat


Session 3: International cooperation

In this session, international development banks and foundation will present their engagement in financing sustainable buildings and SMEs in the building sector in China as well as their collaboration with Chinese domestic banks.

IFC Green Commercial Bank Framework

Ms.Helen He, CHUEE Program Manager/Banking Specialist, WORLD BANK IFC


Dr. Wolfram Erhardt, Director,KfW Office Beijing (tbc)


Coffee break


Session 4: Supportive mechanism to bridge the gap between the building sector and the financing sector

This session will invite European and Chinese organisations/initiatives as well as global think tanks to share their ideas and discuss about the supportive mechanisms for sustainable building financing, including risk mitigation mechanisms such as insurance, provide support for due diligence, and one-stop shop as well as supportive policy framework.


Unlocking ESCOs’ access to finance to boost building energy renovation 

Mr. Felix Suerkemper, Project Coordinator, The Wuppertal Institute


Mr. Kelvin Mo, Managing Director, Paulson Institute Beijing Representative office


Mr. Yuan Liao, Deputy Managing Director, CECEP consulting


Increasing Investor Confidence in a Carbon Constrained World

Mr. Panama Bartholomy, Director, Investor Confidence Project


Evaluation of green assets based on dynamic modelling

Mr. Chen Peng, Head of Green Financing Committee, China Building Energy Efficiency Association


Climate Risk Insurance for cities and buildings

Mr. Achim Deuchert, GIZ, Head,  Infrastructure Investments China




Final remarks